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As a fellow Cancer Warrior, I understand the feelings of fear, abandonment and anger. Join me and learn how to draw inner strength to face your fears. I'll share ways to stay positive through the healing process to help you be the NEW YOU as you conquer your own personal cancer monster.


You are strong enough. You can do it!  I will be here cheering you on all the way!


Join Me and let's fight this together.



Geri Westphal



General Breast Cancer Information

American Cancer Society - LINK HERE

Breastcancer.org - LINK HERE

Sisters Network, Inc - LINK HERE

Know Your Rights - LINK HERE

Breast Self-Exam - LINK HERE



Personal Services

Breast Cancer Freebies - LINK HERE

Cleaning for a Reason - LINK HERE

Diva for a Day - LINK HERE



Favorite Vendors

Billow Global - LINK HERE

Courage for the Soul - LINK HERE

Social Reali Tee - LINK HERE

Knitted Knockers - LINK HERE



Favorite Mazagine



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