Geri Westphal

Geri is proud to announce the release of her book Beautiful Lady. This inspirational guide will touch your heart as you journey with Geri through her own personal cancer storm. You will laugh, cry and cheer her on as she fights her way through to a place of greater strength and inner peace. A must read for everyone who is or has struggled with cancer.


A cancer diagnosis makes you feel alone and abandoned.


It is the love and support of loved ones that brings the stable footing a cancer patient desperately needs during this dark storm. We are intensely aware of the things that cancer takes from us, but we do not often acknowledge the hidden gifts it leaves behind. We hear of the bad, the sad and the painful, but we do not hear enough about the rebirth, the readjustment and the reawakening.


" I am stronger and more complete than when I began this journey. I hope that my story gives you courage to work through your own battles with strength and determination. You are strong. Be the Warrior you were Born to Be!"  -Geri



Beautiful Lady artwork provide by Lea Wells.


24th Annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards

August 25, 2018


Merit Award, Spiritual/Religion

Merit Award, Motivational/Inspirational



Reader Reviews

"Writing with friendly, conversational voice, the author balances reverence for the seriousness of the subject with humor to lighten the tone. Her writing style is very fun to read. She is whitty and honest in a way that is refreshing amidst the backdrop of the seriousness of cancer."


"I have never had cancer, but this book moved me. It took me through a process of reflection, healing and new prespective. It reset my outlook toward my inner strength. We are all warriors in some way - this book gives you the tools to beat the challenges life throws at you."


"The feeling of power and strength that you portrayed was amazing, and yet on the other hand how you struggled with the pain, the scars and the mental and emotional toll it took on you was inspiring. What a great book!" 


"I just finished reading your book. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I cried some more. What a moving piece you are sharing with others. You have a great gift of expressing your journey in words that speak to the whole person - the body, the mind and the spirit."


"This book isn't just for cancer warriors. I was moved by the raw emotion in Geri's writing and I could feel her pain and her joy. This book teaches all of us how to stay strong, be positive and keep marching forward. I loved it."